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Car Portrait Paintings

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Custom car portrait paintings.

I will paint any car in either gouache on paper or acrylic and oil on canvas, with a variety of options for sizes and background images.

About this product:
✩ Canvas/watercolor paper
✩ Gouache paint/acrylic paint/oil paint
✩ Varnish
(Frames not included)
✩ Please allow up to 2 months for the creation of your painting (time to paint will be reduced for gouache) + shipping time.
✩ Unfortunately, because the paintings are custom, I do not accept returns or refunds.
❈ I accept any car (but no motorcycles).
❈ Backgrounds:
 One color: I will paint one color background with no extra details.
Simple: Background exactly as seen in one of the references (I will not combine backgrounds from references)
 Detailed: Background made from combining multiple reference photos, or a completely new and originally created background.
❈ Please email me ( at least 1 reference picture of your car and any details you would like for the painting, including background color or ideas, and the direction you would like to go in if you have multiple references. If I do not hear from you within a day I will email you first using the email you used to check out.

★ Gouache paint is an opaque, water-activated paint. It's painted on watercolor paper and can be compared to a mix of acrylic and watercolor.
★ Acrylic paint** is a thick to semi-thick, fast drying, water-based paint.
★ Oil paint** is an oil-based paint that is slow drying. It has a very creamy texture and makes for very nice gradients and blends.
**Painted on canvas
**What the mixed media portraits consist of

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