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Pet Portraits

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Number of Pets Per Painting

Custom pet portrait paintings! -- Full body, bust, or headshot are all accepted.

About this product:
❈ Materials:
✩ Cotton canvas
✩ Oil and acrylic paints
✩ Varnish
(Frames not included)
❈ Made-to-order
✩ Please allow up to 2 months for the creation of your painting + shipping time.
✩ Unfortunately, because the paintings are custom, I do not accept returns or refunds.
❈ I accept somewhat common pets, including cats, dogs, birds, rodents, reptiles, and fish. I do not accept wild animals.
❈ Please email me ( at least 1 reference picture of your pet and any details you would like for the painting, such as background color and/or elements, and the direction you would like to go in if you have multiple references. If I do not hear from you within a day I will reach out to you first.
❈ Backgrounds:
✩ 1 Color: As the name suggests, this option is a one color only background with no added details like baskets or blanket, etc..
✩ 1 Element: This option offers a simple detail with a 1 color background, such as a branch or blanket, etc.

★ Acrylic paint** is a thick to semi-thick, fast drying, water-based paint. This is used as the base layer for blocking in color.
★ Oil paint** is an oil-based paint that is slow drying. It has a very creamy texture and makes for very nice gradients and blends.
**Painted on canvas
**What the mixed media portraits consist of

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    Returns are not available as each item is printed on-demand.